Women Need Better Mammogram Exams

When it comes to healthcare, the best screenings for women should be covered by insurance. Unfortunately, many private insurers do not cover 3D MAMMOGRAPHYTM exams for breast cancer screening. 3DTM Mammograms are better because they:

  1. Allow doctors better visualization and are clinically superior to traditional mammograms.1
  2. Allow patients to avoid unnecessary callbacks for more tests.1,2,3
  3. Give patients peace of mind.1,2,3
  4. Help doctors find more invasive breast cancers in the early stages of the disease.1
  5. Are better for women of all ages and breast-tissue density types.4,5

Find out whether your health insurance company covers 3DTM Mammograms here.

What can you do if your health insurance does not cover 3DTM Mammograms or denies your claim for coverage?

  1. Contact your healthcare provider and ask them to help you file an appeal with your insurance company.
  2. Contact your state’s insurance commissioner and urge them to require insurance plans in your state to cover 3D™ Mammograms for breast cancer screening.
  3. If you receive health insurance through your employer, let your company’s employee benefits manager know you don’t have the best coverage.

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